Leadership Development Program

“There is no joy equal to that of being able to work for all humanity and doing what you're doing well.”

―Buckminster Fuller

What is leadership? Many would say that leadership is simply the act of managing a team to achieve a certain set of goals. The leader comes up with the plan, the followers comply. While this is true, we can draw up a better way of looking at leadership when we blur the line between being a leader and being a follower.

Being a leader also means being open to the ideas and suggestions of your team, and being a follower also means taking initiative in solving problems as they arise. If a person performs an act that brings a team closer to their goal, that person is performing an act of leadership. Leadership, then, is not just a title bestowed upon a person. Leadership is founded on creativity, ingenuity, problem solving, empathy, and most of all, purpose. With We R One World’s leadership development program and training, everyone’s a world leader -- meaning, everyone performs acts of leadership to save the world.

We R One World: How Does It work?

We R One World is a leadership development game involving a live action role play simulation experience that lets participants (between 70 - 120) assume the roles of country or global organisation representatives, working together to solve common global problems. This highly interactive game play is carried out in an arena the size of a basketball court, where participants stand on a massive map of the world known as the Dymaxion Map*.

The Dymaxion Map*, created by Buckminster Fuller, is a map that projects the Earth onto the surface of an icosahedron, showing it to be one big island in one ocean. This view of the world actively challenges the traditional map’s north-south visual divide that also reinforces the real economical and political divide between northern and southern nations. We R One World encourages participants to view all nations and organisations as equals working together toward the same goals. Cooperation is the key to winning the Game.

We R One World’s leadership development program is a breeding ground for leaders who are creative solution-makers, supportive peers, and empathetic citizens in general.

Want to Change the World? Start Today with We R One World

Boost your organisation members’ leadership skills and attitudes with a one-day We R One World Game experience. At the end of every Game day, our participants take home with them new insights about themselves, their peers, and their world, all while having a big smile plastered on their faces from having so much fun!

What are you waiting for? Avail of the We R One World leadership development training now. For enquiries, contact us at +61 414 303 511 or email us at avril@weroneworld.com. You may also leave us a message on the contact form on our website.
*The Fuller Projection Map design is a trademark of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. ©1938, 1967 & 1992. All rights reserved, www.bfi.org.