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Ideas for a Leadership Development Program

Reaching your objectives as a leader requires personal development and professional growth. With focused leadership development programs where you can practice skills of behavioural adaption, specific behaviours, growth and development will be realised.

Why a Youth Organisation Is Important

Young people have always been active in translating their voices into efforts. As adolescents work to promote a kinder, braver, and safer environment, they have become deeply involved in the struggles their places are facing. Before they step over the line, youth organisations come into their rescue.

How a World Simulator Game Benefits Non-Profit Organisations

Games are not only reserved for the tech-savvy young ones who devote most of their time in front of their gaming rig. Even in the time before computers and consoles were invented, playing games has served an integral part in shaping up the youth. It is almost a universal means of bringing people together towards a common goal – to win.

Benefits of a World Simulator Game

You’ve heard of team building activities, the ones where participants are made to work hand-in-hand---sometimes literally--to achieve a goal. Team building activities are usually physically demanding, mentally stimulating, and emotionally charged, and in the end, everybody lets out laughs, tears, and sighs of fulfillment.

Why Social Empowerment Is More Important Than Ever

In today’s age of information, it's not too difficult to learn about what’s going on in our world. News about events that happen wherever in the world, whether in our city or in cities thousands of miles away from us, find their way into the small screens we hold in our hands as naturally as sunlight washes through an open window. Whether it’s good news or bad news, we are spoilt with information constantly.