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We R One Purpose

You know there is a lot at stake when you look into the future…an uninhabitable planet leading to mass extinctions and a diminished quality of life. You know you want a life worth living. You care about the planet and the survival of the species. You want a cause and you want to contribute.

However, there is a problem, you stare at it every day, the faces of mindless leaders and leadership on tv, online and in the news. You see how the policies are causing climate change, poverty, poor education, hunger, inequality, polluted seas and water way, ill health, and overall depleted well-being. Your purposefulness soon turns to feelings of disempowerment, isolation, and overwhelm, Yet, deep inside you know…there must be a better way.

You are an energetic Not for Profit (NFP), Non Gov. Organisation (NGO) or a Local, State or National Government entity seeking to progress or align with the UN’s SDGs. You know you can change things and like you, we think so too. We think we have a pathway to a solution, a revolution…
and it starts with a game!

Here are some folks that agree...

It is predicted that the experience of this game will change your life forever.

Marshall Thurber

Ron Laurie facilitated a startling We R One World experience that clearly aligned with the members in attendance. We entered the room at Deloitte Melbourne offices, to engage with a large Bucky Fuller World Projection Dymaxion Map* on the floor. This enabled each of us to immerse ourselves in a view of planet Earth that was decidedly different and seemingly more interconnected than the traditional, distorted projections, to which we had been exposed. Ron’s skilful facilitation encouraged us to adopt an open-minded view that enabled us all to look at our world, our lives, our work and our futures in a different way, with a greater appreciation of the interconnected nature of all things. Thanks, Ron, for one of the most stimulating and impactful CPX meetings.  Clearly, we are now all looking afresh at our earth, ourselves and our opportunities.

Peter Spence, Consultant, RBS Performance Systems
Consultant / RBS Performance Systems

A number of participants had real insights into how they work on complex problems, identifying their personal styles and how this adds value or adds complexity to working as a team.

Noeleen Carey, Organisational Development Manager, RMIT University
Organisational Development Manager / RMIT University

The experience was extremely impactful and delivered in every area - shook the participants out of their comfort zones, raised their levels of self-awareness around their conscious and unconscious biases. If you can raise someone's level of self-awareness, then you ultimately change their life, and that's what happened in the room that day for myself and for our executive leaders.

Sharlene Mulvenna, Learning and Development Specialist
Learning and Development Specialist

The We R One World experience is a powerful means of deepening and broadening perspectives on complexity and leadership. I think it should be mandatory for all leaders, change agents and anyone who is striving to make a positive difference in the world.

Aiden Thornton, Leadership Scientist & Practitioner
Leadership Scientist & Practitioner

…very impressive… people where elegantly making their own discoveries and realisations… struck me was the very human centred approach, checking in with how everyone was feeling. There was a tireless kindness and support that continued throughout a whole day.

Beth Jennings, Director, What Really Matters
Director / What Really Matters

We R One World is not just a simulation, but it is a discovery of human soul (yourself). It is the best simulation I have been to. It is the best for numbers of reason: 1. The concept is based on Truth-Nature-reality-principles. 2. Facilitation is expertly led in simulation that makes it unique and distinctive. 3. You are a part of the simulation, you felt it, experience it, and you are one with friends and the world. WeROneWorld' the name itself speak.

Hram Tin Kam (Chris), Director, ShakeUp, Yangon, Myanmar

Ron recently partnered with myself and the Burklyn International team to deliver We R One World experience to American and Australian entrepreneurs. At very short notice, Ron was quick to respond to all of our requests in the most professional and accommodating manner. I found Ron to be very flexible, generous, knowledgeable, honest, and simply a great person to spend time with. His vibrant energy is infectious and you can't help but feel happy when you're around Ron. He is doing amazing work to make the planet work for everyone, and his general sense of responsibility to affect change is admirable.

Melanie Heskin, Relationship Manager, Burklyn International
Relationship Manager / Burklyn International

I met Ron initially as he volunteered for GENI, helping us to drive both business and policy-makers to accelerate the interconnection of renewable energy resources between regions and nations. Now, Ron is leading We R One World, offering a truly unique experience of world issues, trends and challenges. Ron is an excellent presenter and facilitated a global experience that was both inspiring and motivating to people who want to make the world a better place.

Peter Meisen, President, Global Energy Network Institute
President / Global Energy Network Institute

Let’s get this started with The Plan Together

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Open Program

We cater to multiple participants that engage with each other in a highly interactive simulation on a massive map of the world in an arena the size of a basketball court.

However, we want to reach out to individuals that have a common vision in making this world a better place.

Before we jump ahead,
Let’s just check we have the same mindset, do…

  • We share the value that all people, regardless of ethnicity or geography, have within them a creative well of abundance and richness?
  • We share a vision that when a diverse group of dedicated individuals’ band together they can change the world?
  • We share the view that there are outmoded paradigms on how we define “success” and what it means and they need to change

There are potential consequences of none of us doing anything

  • The loss of the planet and the quality of life.
  • A life of little meaning, suffer a future pain of regret.
  • Nothing changes.
  • A missed opportunity to turn the tide. We might just be in that last opportunity to 'Make it!’ as a planet.

What is success?

  • Being part of a band of fellow Spaceship Earth Crew who see and relate to the bigger picture thinkers of our era
  • Being seen as part of the solution, collaborating and achieving outcomes of your own unique focused attention aligned to the UN’s SDGs
  • Being inspired by and inspiring others as we collectively move to more planetary equality, peace, higher well-being for all
  • Feeling a sense of fulfillment as you move towards your higher personal purpose

We R One Purpose

From – Feelings of helplessness, alone and overwhelmed with the global challenges ahead

To – inspired contributors to planetary solutions and 2030 UN SDG targets

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