Corporate Development

“The things to do are: the things that need doing, that you see need to be done, and that no one else seems to see need to be done.”

―Buckminster Fuller

Great organisations are constantly seeking to evolve and enrich their cultures knowing that employees and stakeholders truly value workplaces that are fulfilling, purposeful and just great places to hang out and work. In these environments, employees are appreciated not just as workers, but as human beings with ideas, opinions, and personal visions for themselves and the organisation. A great organisation knows that success occurs when stakeholders across all levels voice their ideas, listen to others with respect, feel valued and act as contributors to their organisation’s success. To show your people how much you appreciate their service, provide them with a comprehensive corporate transformation program that truly brings out their potential.

Corporate Development

If your corporate team building activity makes the improvement of groups’ brainstorming skills as the priority goal, expect teams whose strengthened bond (as coworkers and as friends) will allow them to solve problems much more efficiently in the future.

It’s We R One World’s map simulator game that can make this happen for your company. During our world simulator games, employees are taught to take initiative, be proactive, come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems as they arise, and learn effective communication that is founded on empathy. The aim is to improve teamwork and enable people to gain new insight in both the professional and personal aspects of their lives.

The World Simulator Game

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s World Game, our world simulator game lets participants act as representatives of nation states or international organisations. They are presented with a global-scale problem, and participants have to find a way to solve the problem together.

This one-day corporate activity game is different from your usual team building activities. Participants don’t only improve their problem-solving skills, they also experience the added benefit of gaining a new perspective on the global condition. As a result, you will have employees whose involvement in the office is consistent with their community involvement, and this is how they truly grow as professionals and as members of society.

Working With We R One World

At We R One World, we customise our program according to your specific business objectives, helping everyone move along efficiently during a paradigm shift.

Want to hone your employees’ skills and give them an avenue for growth? Avail of We R One World’s world simulator game now!

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