Buckminster Fuller World Game

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

The world today is in a precarious situation. Every day, we’re bombarded with alarming news: wars, rising poverty rates, climate change, conflicts within or among governments, and more. This can be overwhelming, and it can cause us to feel distraught and restless. If only there’s something I can do about it, we tell ourselves.

But thanks to Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, inventor, and educator, we have a tool that enables us to effectively come up with and test out solutions to these global problems. Buckminster Fuller developed World Game, an educational simulation that allowed participants to walk in the shoes of the world’s solution-makers for a day. Armed with a full database of information, heightened focus, and, most of all, strong cooperation among each other, World Game participants experienced the highs and lows of international-scale problem solving and come out more active, more determined citizens of the world than ever before.

We R One World conducts and facilitates a world simulator activity based on Fuller’s World Game. Together, we will work towards a deeper understanding of the world, our peers, and ourselves.

The Dymaxion Map*

For this one-day live-action role play, we will be standing on a massive map of the world in an arena the size of a basketball court. This map is what Buckminster Fuller called The Dymaxion Map. Also known as the Fuller Projection Map, it is the only flat map of the entire surface of the Earth, which shows our planet as one island in one ocean. This map is better than traditional maps because, as Fuller argued, this map does not show a “right way up.” This view of the world visually eliminates the north-up-superior/south-down-inferior global cultural divide, allowing participants to see all countries on an equal plane -- literally.

With less emphasis on boundaries between countries, the Dymaxion Map increases our global awareness and highlights the common ground across all nations and cultures, thereby enabling us to come up with a more comprehensive international agenda, one that is borne out of collaboration among global actors: countries, organizations, and citizens alike.

Come be one with the world today

World simulator games with We R One World is a transformative (and fun!) learning experience. It improves individual and group thinking, helping your organization get the morale boost it needs. Play in the world with We R One World now. Give us a call at +61 414 303 511 or email us at avril@weroneworld.com. You may also leave us a message on the contact form on our website.

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*The Fuller Projection Map design is a trademark of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. ©1938, 1967 & 1992. All rights reserved, www.bfi.org.