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As a business, no doubt, you want to thrive by being profitable, achieving objectives, being trusted and respected by your customers and your communities. You may even aspire to leave a legacy driven by your creative advantage.

However, you have a problem. Lurking in the shadows is the gremlin of fear and doubt about the future. This shows up as a reaction, an underlying concern by your team as they struggle to face into the onslaught of change. It manifests in business frustration and stagnation. “If only”, you scream…”how can I liberate my team to embrace change be empowered to do their own thinking?”

Don’t worry, we are here. We understand how it feels when the potential of your organisation is being thwarted. We can help guide you to a resolution.
It starts with a game!

Don’t take our word for it, here is what others are saying…

It is predicted that the experience of this game will change your life forever.

Marshall Thurber

Ron Laurie facilitated a startling We R One World experience that clearly aligned with the members in attendance. We entered the room at Deloitte Melbourne offices, to engage with a large Bucky Fuller World Projection Dymaxion Map* on the floor. This enabled each of us to immerse ourselves in a view of planet Earth that was decidedly different and seemingly more interconnected than the traditional, distorted projections, to which we had been exposed. Ron’s skilful facilitation encouraged us to adopt an open-minded view that enabled us all to look at our world, our lives, our work and our futures in a different way, with a greater appreciation of the interconnected nature of all things. Thanks, Ron, for one of the most stimulating and impactful CPX meetings.  Clearly, we are now all looking afresh at our earth, ourselves and our opportunities.

Peter Spence, Consultant, RBS Performance Systems
Consultant / RBS Performance Systems

A number of participants had real insights into how they work on complex problems, identifying their personal styles and how this adds value or adds complexity to working as a team.

Noeleen Carey, Organisational Development Manager, RMIT University
Organisational Development Manager / RMIT University

The experience was extremely impactful and delivered in every area - shook the participants out of their comfort zones, raised their levels of self-awareness around their conscious and unconscious biases. If you can raise someone's level of self-awareness, then you ultimately change their life, and that's what happened in the room that day for myself and for our executive leaders.

Sharlene Mulvenna, Learning and Development Specialist
Learning and Development Specialist

The We R One World experience is a powerful means of deepening and broadening perspectives on complexity and leadership. I think it should be mandatory for all leaders, change agents and anyone who is striving to make a positive difference in the world.

Aiden Thornton, Leadership Scientist & Practitioner
Leadership Scientist & Practitioner

…very impressive… people where elegantly making their own discoveries and realisations… struck me was the very human centred approach, checking in with how everyone was feeling. There was a tireless kindness and support that continued throughout a whole day.

Beth Jennings, Director, What Really Matters
Director / What Really Matters

We R One World is not just a simulation, but it is a discovery of human soul (yourself). It is the best simulation I have been to. It is the best for numbers of reason: 1. The concept is based on Truth-Nature-reality-principles. 2. Facilitation is expertly led in simulation that makes it unique and distinctive. 3. You are a part of the simulation, you felt it, experience it, and you are one with friends and the world. WeROneWorld' the name itself speak.

Hram Tin Kam (Chris), Director, ShakeUp, Yangon, Myanmar

Ron recently partnered with myself and the Burklyn International team to deliver We R One World experience to American and Australian entrepreneurs. At very short notice, Ron was quick to respond to all of our requests in the most professional and accommodating manner. I found Ron to be very flexible, generous, knowledgeable, honest, and simply a great person to spend time with. His vibrant energy is infectious and you can't help but feel happy when you're around Ron. He is doing amazing work to make the planet work for everyone, and his general sense of responsibility to affect change is admirable.

Melanie Heskin, Relationship Manager, Burklyn International
Relationship Manager / Burklyn International

I met Ron initially as he volunteered for GENI, helping us to drive both business and policy-makers to accelerate the interconnection of renewable energy resources between regions and nations. Now, Ron is leading We R One World, offering a truly unique experience of world issues, trends and challenges. Ron is an excellent presenter and facilitated a global experience that was both inspiring and motivating to people who want to make the world a better place.

Peter Meisen, President, Global Energy Network Institute
President / Global Energy Network Institute
  • It is so impactful that a major institution ran the simulation 3 times to make sure all their leadership had a chance to experience the paradigm shift
  • Endorsed at the Industry Transformation Summit
  • Finalist in the Melbourne Business Awards
  • Recommended and referred by Deloitte

Before we proceed,
let’s just make sure we are on the same page do…

  • we share a value that people are dynamic & vital to your business success?
  • we share that when people are responsive rather than reactive, they become masterful?
  • we share that when knowledge is applied it has the power and capacity to transform?

There are negative consequences for not proceeding…

  • Being swamped by the coming wave of change.
  • Missing that next extraordinary opportunity.
  • Not keeping up, getting left behind.

What is success?

  • Joining an elite group of organisations who are respected by their peers for the way they master change
  • Achieving more, in less time, with less stress – you have a clear bigger picture
  • Realising your full potential as an organisation, one that is overcoming adversity and sees new horizons

We R One Business

From – reactive creatures to complexity and change

To – masterful creators of opportunities in change

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