Business Development

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”

―Buckminster Fuller

Every business strives for growth and excellence. However, most businesses fail to consider various factors that can make or break them. Businesses direct their focus on customers’ engagement, neglecting the internal factors of the business, or the other way around. Lack of opportunities for organisational growth may eventually result in business frustration and stagnation. Over the years, businesses in all parts of the world have paid closer attention to the value of organising business development activities in the organisation. These creative development activities address most of the problems the business faces as it opens different levels of growth opportunities.

We R One World aims to help you reach your goals and objectives, maximise creative advantage, and achieve success. We understand that it’s difficult to move forward when there are stumbling blocks in your way. We just know the way to clear your way to success. All you have to do is to play!

The Simulation

Based on the World Game by Buckminster Fuller, We R One World’s simulator game helps participants to look beyond the problems and difficulties of their organisations. The framework of the activity is designed to solve the complex by breaking it down to simple patterns. This business development activity is unlike any other team building activities. We host a group activity to identify strengths and weaknesses. We provide ways to improve individual and group’s strengths, and suggest strategies to turn weaknesses into power. In this manner, participants will not only learn the ways to be a rational thinker, but they will also know how to step up the game through integrating business improvement ideas to their organisation. Participating in this business development game allows your employees to grow as professionals and as members of the community.

Working With We R One World

If you decide to schedule an appointment, We R One World, through our We R One Business service, will customise a program that is suitable to the strategic objectives of your business. We will guide you through overcoming challenges and resolving problems of your business.

Do you have any questions and concerns? Please visit us at PO Box 509 Chelsea, Melbourne Victoria, 3196 Australia. You may also give us a call at +61 414 303 511 or send us an email at Schedule an assessment today and play the game that will transform your business!