Transformational Leadership Program

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”

―Buckminster Fuller

For businesses to thrive, employees must have their professional skills sharpened and honed regularly. Employees undergo regular human resource development programs with the aim of serving the company and their clients better while also growing their careers.

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But what truly makes a business successful is the way it takes care of its people as the multidimensional human beings that they are. A great business is one that provides an avenue for employees to grow not just as career people but also as individuals, as friends, and most of all, as citizens.

At We R One World, we are prepared to help you provide your employees with holistic personal and professional growth. How? By playing a world simulator game!

We facilitate and customise for you a transformational leadership inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s World Game. This activity beautifully enriches existing leadership program activities or sets the context for future programs. In this fun twist on HR activity games, participants represent nation-states or international organisations and are presented with global-scale problems that they aim to solve together. The game requires collaboration, effective communication, empathy, rapport, and shared passion among its participants. Along the way, participants discover more about themselves and their peers and forge a stronger bond among each other. They also gain a deeper understanding of the global condition and come out better equipped to participate in social transformation.

Working with We R One World

Our principles are aligned with Buckminster Fuller’s belief that transformational thinking means giving people tools with which they can discover new perspectives. As a result, We R One World was endorsed at the Industry Transformation Summit, placed as a finalist in the Melbourne Business Awards, and recommended and referred by Deloitte.

We believe in the capacity of individuals and groups to transform and become responsive rather than reactive. We keep your unique business situation in mind, so we will bring out your organisation’s potential by aligning our program with your strategic business objectives. After the event, we help you integrate your new insights into your organisation.

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